Birthland Tours to Korea - BOOK NOW for 2018

It is the time of year when many agencies and organizations are hosting orientations and informational sessions about birthland tours to Korea. There are a variety of them, and I recently went on one myself this past summer. Based on my experience and talking to others, there are limited options of birthland tours to Korea for adoptees and adoptive families that really are competent to meet the diverse needs of Korean adoptees and families. I wrote a post about what to look for when searching for birthland tours  - please click here for this post. 

There is a new birthland tour to Korea for adoptees and adoptive families through AdopteeBridge This agency is founded and run by a Korean adoptee who has a decade of experience working in post-adoption services for adoptees and leading tours to Korea for adoptees and adoptive families. She works with another individual who has worked in post-adoption services for years, lead tours to Korea for years, lived in Korea for over a decade, and is fluent in Korean. This is a tour that is really focused on and sensitive to the adoptees and adoptive families experiences traveling back to Korea whether it be for the first time or 6th time. Birthland tours are not just "another travel tour group" to Korea. Birthand tours are traveling back to the story of adoptees' lives and their adoption journey. It requires individuals who have personal connections to Korea and Korean adoption to be able to support us and empower us as adoptees and adoptive families in our adventure back to some painful places and emotional spaces