Korean american adoptee

Check out Adapted Podcast

If you do a quick search for "adoption" related podcasts on your favorite podcast service, there are a number of ones that pop up by adoptive parents/families sharing their stories often featuring their adoption process and parenting stories. There are a few adoptee focused adoption podcasts. My goal this year is to try to check out the ones available, and see what may be useful for adoptees and families. Adapted Podcast is one that features Korean American adoptees' diverse stories about their adoptee experiences both at home and in Korea. Kaomi Goetz is journalist and a Korean American adoptee who presents a thoughtful space and opportunity for adoptees to share their truths, which are often tinged with pain, loss, isolation, along with experiences of empowerment and a reconciliation of both internal and external conflicts. Kamoi Goetz's podcast gives adoptees the platform to share with other adoptees, and hopefully families, another narrative of the adoption experience other than the often predominant adoptive parent narrative.