consultation services



Consultation services are available to individuals and organizations seeking ways to offer more adoption-competent and adoptee-centered services, and support both in professional and personal capacities. 

Adoptees and their families

Consultation appointments are available for transracial and/or transnational adoptive families to help facilitate conversations and collaborate on solution-focused goals related to the following areas:

  • Preparing for a trip back to birth country and talking about the meaning of the trip, the expectations of family members, ways to support one another, resources and information for families in order to prepare for the trip emotionally

  • Helping families navigate search and/or reunion process

  • Supporting and educating families in understanding and communicating with each other about issues related to adoption experience, race and culture, and grief, loss, and trauma that is inherent for all individuals part of the adoption experience. 

next steps...

  • Schedule a complimentary brief online consultation appointment to discuss your consulting needs and goals.

  • If we both think it is a fit as far as your consulting goals and the services I offer in my practice, we will schedule an initial consultation appointment. In-office Saturday appointments or an online appointments Saturday, Tuesday evenings, or Thursday evenings are available.

    • Initial consultation appointment is 75 minutes @ $150

    • A consultation agreement will be sent to you electronically at least 24 hours prior to the initial consultation appointment.

    • At the consultation appointment the presenting issue and goals and action steps and plan will be discussed.

  • Ongoing consultation appointments are 75 minutes @ $150/appointment


Trainings and speaking engagements at organizations and events regarding post-adoption support and mental health services for adoptees 15 years and older.

Consulting services for organizations and events focused on providing adoption-competent and adoption-informed post-adoption support and mental health services for adoptees 15 years and older.

Consulting services for individuals featuring adoption stories in non-fiction and fictional works for television, film, stage, books. 

Please contact me at or 612-568-5158 for more information about your organization's consulting service needs. Fees will be determined based on the consulting service needs and your organization's goals.