online THERAPY services

Online therapy appointments are available for individuals who reside in the state of Minnesota AND have completed an in-office intake appointment. There may be times and situations in which in-office appointments will be better suited to meet an individuals needs and goals, and we will work together to make arrangements accordingly. 

Online therapy appointments are available Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturdays. Online therapy appointments utilize a HIPAA compliant telemedicine system to ensure your privacy and confidentiality. I encourage you to take the necessary steps to ensure that your privacy and confidentiality is protected during any online therapy session such as finding a quiet private space, using earbuds or headphones during the session, minimizing any distractions that you feel could interfere with your ability to feel comfortable and safe enough during the appointment to talk about the things you need and want to talk about during the session.

For more information about online therapy services, please schedule an initial complimentary brief consultation appointment to discuss your needs and goals.