mission statement

Adoptee Connections is focused on providing adoption-competent and adoption-informed support, counseling, and consulting services for adoptees, adoptive families, and the adoption community.

vision statement

To build a safe, supportive, and nurturing community of support services for adoptees and the adoption community in an effort to empower individuals to speak their truth and access mental health, support, and consultation services.  

To be an advocate for adoptees, and a proactive member of the adoption community.

To be a resource for adoptees and adoption community. 


Adoption is a life-long experience

acknowledging that adoption is a life-long experience and it is not a single event


learning acceptance of our past, present, and future self and experiences with compassion and understanding


challenging ourselves to believe we are capable of personal growth within ourselves and in our relationships with ourselves and others


 acknowledgement and curiosity of each individual's experience


 striving to be inclusive of diverse individuals, ideas, and experiences in an effort to create a sense of belonging


creating a space and community where individuals feel safe to share their truths, fears, and dreams


 showing ourselves the grace and understanding we bestow to others



Adoptee Connections was started in 2017 in response to my own personal experience with post-adoption services as an adult Korean adoptee, and the challenges encountered when post-adoption services were provided by individuals with minimal to no personal connection with adoption - especially transnational, transracial, and transcultural adoption. I started doing my own research on what types of post-adoption services were available for adult adoptees, and specifically post-adoption services provided by adoptee centered and competent professionals. What I discovered was encouraging and discouraging at the same time. I was encouraged by the number of groups worldwide started by adoptees to provide support, community, and advocacy for adoptees. I was discouraged by the lack of post-adoption services for adoptees, and the lack of adoption, post-adoption, and mental health services provided by professionals with a connection to adoption and the adoptee experience. I wanted to find a way to start contributing to the work others are doing by building the bridge between what adoptees and adoptive families need, and what’s available in terms of post-adoption services that views adoption as a life-long experience.

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